Famous Cartoonists

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A cartoonist is an artist specialized in drawing cartoons. The term is also used for people who create comics, comic strips and for those working in the field of animation. The artists, whose works have a “cartoon” style (from cartoon or comics), are also called cartoonists.A cartoonist traditionally begins with a sketch of the drawing done in pencil, before passing it with black ink, using either brushes or pens. The cartoonists whose work is used in web publications use digital programs.
Large comic book publishers (such as Marvel or DC) use cartoonist groups to produce jobs (usually with a group working on pencils, one for inks, and another for colour added digitally). When one prefers a certain type of style among the cartoonists , a character model is used as a reference.


Traditional animation uses specialized cartoonists, called animators who, through an interpolation process, take care of drawing all the boards that connect the movements of the characters.

Animator is a job title from the film industry. The Animator deals with the creation of single-frame movies (animation), either hand-drawn, computer-generated or executed using any technique. The formerly known designator animator is gradually replaced by “2-D Animator”, in contrast to the 3-D animator or computer animator .

The art of the animator is to bring the inanimate to life. “An animator is an actor with a pencil” , supplemented today by “or with the computer”. The training of an animator takes place nowadays mainly as a study, both at film schools as well as at private training centers. Being able to animate on paper continues to be the basis of the profession, only later does it specialize in a particular technique or one of the niche professions within the film industry. The use of computers is in any case, as well as hand-drawn animation is usually processed today in the computer.

Depending on the size of the studio and the size of the film project, an animator is a generalist, who masters everything from the idea to the figure design to animation and camera, or he is a specialist who moves under the guidance of other foreign characters. In addition to this character animation, there are for example, special effects animation, scientific visualization or animated visualization in design and architecture. Due to the rapid development in the field of computer animation also people without classical education can work as animators, provided that they have only enough talent or aptitude.


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