Foghorn Leghorn best Cartoons


Foghorn Leghorn is a vain and chatty anthropomorphic rooster, accustomed to repeating what has just been said several times; often sings the popular song Camp town Races.
In the various episodes he is often seen together with a basset hound dog, called Barnyard Dawg or George P. Dog, with whom he often argues; sometimes even a small stubborn and impatient hawk appears, Henery Hawk. which tries in vain to catch him.
Rarer is the presence of a yellow chick, the only child of hen Miss Prissy, originally called Egghead Jr, with bottle-bottom glasses, which he prefers to read.
The universal fame of this cock came without a doubt thanks to the Looney Tunes character created by Warner Bros. As an inner character, Foghorn behaves like the classic “bully of the suburbs” that is seen during his fights in the chicken coop that he does against his own opposing dog and his narcissism towards younger hens.


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