Get Maxwell Smart



Get Smart is an American comedy series that was produced in color from 1965 to 1970 (except for the pilot episode). The series, a satire of the secret agent and crime genre conceived and developed by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, won seven Emmy Awards and was nominated for 14 more. She was also awarded two Golden Globes. The main characters are Maxwell Smart alias Agent 86, his colleague Agent 99 and the boss, who all work for the US secret service CONTROL. Secondary characters are Agent 13 and Agent 44, who lie in wait in the most impossible places, for example in a mailbox or a washing machine in order to observe people or buildings. Excursions into technical science fiction are the robot Hymie, which takes commands too literally, and the forerunner of the cell phone: the shoe phone or variations of it like the sandwich phone. The opponents are spies of the secret organization KAOS, such as Siegfried or Dr. Yes. Various stars have cameo appearances, such as Johnny Carson (in two episodes), Ernest Borgnine, Bob Hope, Robert Culp and Leonard Nimoy.


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