Droopy is a chubby, stocky, small white basset with tousled, orange-colored hair, drooping lips, a stubby tail, drooping, drowsy-bluish circumscribed, almost swelling eyelids, a black snub nose, elongated-narrow droopy ears and mild to soft ears.

His most striking character trait is his almost missing expression and his minimalist gestures. The lips hang mostly motionless. His pronunciation is slow, monotonous and heavy with tongues. Droopy always seems to try to avoid unnecessary words. These characteristics mean that Droopy usually gives the audience a distinctly phlegmatic, somber, sometimes melancholic impression.
In his cartoons, he used his lack of movement for a running gag by making the audience believe that Droopy was actually very agile, but only when the camera was turning away from him.
In many cartoons, Droopy shows a pronounced affinity for erotic women, who in turn have a great weakness for the cute Droopy.